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Europe’s Foreign Policy & Security Approaches in the Indo-Pacific: A Compilation of Special Articles

The Amador Research Services (ARS) and FACTS Asia, in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Philippines are proud to jointly launch the project titled Europe’s Foreign Policy and Security Approaches in the Indo-Pacific: A Compilation of Special Articles.

Since European states are becoming more involved and active with their engagements in the Indo-Pacific, this project funded by KAS will invite and commission experts to write 2000-word analyses on events concerning Europe and the region. Invited experts will analyze and monitor European engagement in the Indo-Pacific, increase awareness and encourage other analysts, academics, security and diplomatic officials to participate in the strategic discourse on the subject matter.

FACTS Asia will publish monthly analysis on European engagement in the Indo-Pacific and check for consistencies or diversions in policy. They will also provide quarterly analysis that shall have a broader scope and time frame of data and events. Through expert analysis and close monitoring of recent events in the region, ARS, KAS, and FACTS Asia aim to provide a platform for diplomats, the security community, and the wider public to have a better understanding of the role and relationship of European states with those in the Indo-Pacific.

Keep an eye out for the monthly special articles and follow us on our social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to be updated on latest publications. FACTS Asia are also accepting essays, analysis, and op-eds on foreign and Philippine public policies, visit their website to view the submission guidelines.

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