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"Our services provide insight into the Philippines and its international affairs from a Filipino perspective"

A.R.S. will be the leading advisory firm for companies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, and governments, seeking to understand the politics, economy, and regulatory risks in the Philippines.


"We organize knowledge about the Philippines for our clients and stakeholders"

A.R.S. seeks to be a trendsetter in organizing knowledge. We are committed to understanding the Philippines' domestic affairs including its politics, economy, public policy, foreign affairs, defense, and national security. We are also committed to understanding international and regional affairs - with a Filipino perspective. We strive to make a positive impact on our stakeholders by providing them with expert counsel and in-depth and impactful analyses of global affairs.

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What We Do

A.R.S. provides a comprehensive set of services to its clients and stakeholders aside from providing expertise on national and international affairs.

Governmental Relations

 A.R.S. connects stakeholders with the Philippine Government. Our counselors and senior advisors have wide networks allowing our clients and stakeholders to manage their relations with the public sector.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement

A.R.S. works with leading academics, diplomats, the public sector, and non-profit organizations, along with its networks in the ASEAN region to create linkages, generate creative ideas, and provide intellectual exchanges on difficult policy or business problems.


Part of our services is to help bridge international actors with domestic stakeholders. Our team is ready to help you create your message for the Filipino public as well as manage your relations with the necessary agencies.

Political, Economic, and Regulatory Risk Assessment

A.R.S can provide in-depth, technical, and grounded assessments of the Philippines’ political economy, public policy, and industries, including risks that companies must consider in investing in the country. Our team of experts is ready to provide intelligence and insight into the complex regulatory environment of the Philippines.

Policy Analysis, Research, and Surveys

Experienced academics and policy analysts are part of our team and network. These specialists are experienced researchers and analysts who can design and conduct surveys, write policy briefs, and do research on a wide array of subject matters.


A.R.S experts help companies, NGOs, and international organizations understand the impact of their development projects. From quantitative analysis to fieldwork, our experts provide clients with a clear picture of the costs and benefits of their investments.

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