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Becoming the Talk of the Town

Track 2 Engagements

We have successfully organized Track 2 or unofficial meetings to discuss critical issues and challenges surrounding the Philippines and its relations with partner countries. The issues focused on strategic matters particularly alliances, security, and diplomatic relations.

Linkages from the Philippines and Beyond

We have successfully connected non-Filipino organizations with Filipino experts or government officials to promote the Philippines as a destination country for investments or partnerships.

Sustainable Partnerships 

ARS continues to be a hub for partnerships and linkages. It seeks to continue building networks allowing various sectors of society to engage each other.


Our CEO, consultants, and networks are consistently approached by international and local media, government training agencies, and think-tanks to provide their expert views and assessments of national security and foreign policy issues that affect the Philippines.

Policy Engagements 

We continue to contribute to policy discussions both in the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific region in our capacity as subject-experts on the field of foreign policy, security, and defense. Our experts have designed training or education programs or served as resource persons on national security, foreign affairs, domestic politics, and international relations among others.

Research and Analysis for Public Policy

We have helped deliver a major report on the future of homeland security under the new normal for a major national law enforcement organization. We have likewise developed a report on national security priorities of the Filipino strategic community that could help jumpstart policy discussions.

Our experts and specialists have been engaged to conduct research and analysis on China's security assistance, Philippine defense modernization, Vietnam's maritime policy, and political risks in the Philippines.

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