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Making Sense of International Affairs

A.R.S is the preferred advisory firm for companies, international organizations, non-profit organizations, and governments seeking to understand and invest in the Philippines. A.R.S. seeks to provide insights on the country and its international affairs from a Filipino perspective. The company connects stakeholders, provides expert consultants to advise on technical issues, and conduct rigorous studies to understand political and market risks in the Philippines. 



Karagatan Observer
July-August 2022


Half-a-year has also passed since the onset of the Russo-Ukraine War and its impacts continue to be felt in the Indo-Pacific region, specifically in China and Taiwan. Entering August, United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored Chinese warnings and visited Taiwan as part of her tour of the region. This caused a flurry of activity from China and a myriad of reactions from the international community.

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