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(UPDATE) ARS Members Engage The Defense And Security Sector On Mutual Defense Treaty Through RTD

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Originally Published: Dec 3, 2020

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The National Defense College of the Philippines organized a roundtable discussion on the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and the Philippine-US bilateral relations last December 7, 2020. The RTD discussed the findings of the commissioned research team and sought comments and remarks for the improvement of the output.


The discussants of the RTD are the members of the research team: ARS CEO & Founder Julio S. Amador III, ARS Counselor Gen. Emmanuel Bautista AFP RET, ARS Senior Advisor Dr. Charmaine Willoughby, and Atty. Pia Benosa of UP IMLOS.


Mr. Amador discussed the MTD from a diplomatic angle stressing the importance of addressing internal and external performative challenges in executing the treaty and managing the long-time alliance with the US.

Atty. Benosa explored the legal ramifications and impact of pursuing the language review of MDT and the many treaties that will require renegotiation as a result of the fact.

Gen. Bautista explored the military aspect of the MDT and stressed that the military and defense relation is the essence of the MDT.

Dr. Willoughby assisted with moderating the RTD to its fruitful conclusion.


The RTD was attended by individuals and representatives from various government agencies such as the Department of National Defense, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other agencies concerned with defense and security.

Screenshots of the event found below.

UPDATE (07-06-2021): NDCP has recently published a report detailing the discussions of this RTD. CEO & Founder Julio Amador co-authored a report on the Mutual Defense Treaty titled "Reviewing Philippine-US Bilateral Defense Relations: The Legal, Military, and Diplomacy Perspectives," together with ARS Counselor Emmanuel Bautista AFP RET, ARS Senior Advisor Dr. Charmaine Willoughby, and UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea associate Atty. Maria Emilynda Jeddahlyn Pia V. Benosa. Said report will be a useful addition in NDCP's handbooks on the Mutual Defense Treaty. A copy of the report was shared by NDCP and may be accessed here (also included in the ARS' publications list).


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