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ARS forwards PH foreign policy, national security imperatives for next administration

Peaches Vergara, Project Manager for Waypoints, a civil maritime security reform project of the Amador Research Services (ARS), and Deryk Baladjay, Research Manager of ARS, published a thought piece on Rappler titled "PH foreign policy, national security ambitions for next admin and beyond".

Vergara and Baladjay argues that "Discontinuity and the absence of a long-term vision due to constantly changing administrations, the lack of awareness and appreciation for the linkages between internal and external issues, and domestic opinions and contestations influencing leadership preferences are some of the structural impediments to a robust strategic external relations agenda".

The piece may be accessed here.

The piece, in its original length, is originally published in FACTS Asia, accessible here.

Original cover photo from Rappler.

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