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PIDS launches 20th Development Policy Research Month, September 2022

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The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) officially launched this year's 20th Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) on September 1, 2022. PIDS is designated as the overall coordinator of activities and program of the DPRM. Amador Research Services joins PIDS in celebrating the 20th DPRM.

This year's DPRM is launched with the theme "Close the Gap: Accelerate Post-pandemic Recovery through Social Justice" (Alisin ang Agwat: Pabilisin and Pag-ahon Mula sa Pandemya sa Pamamagitan ng Katarungang Panlipunan). PIDS will be conducting series of events throughout the month that promotes responsible and sustainable post-pandemic recovery across all sectors. View and join their events here!

Proclamation No. 247, issued by Malacañang in September 2002, declares the month of September of every year as Development Policy Research Month. It highlights the critical role of policy research in the socioeconomic advancement of the Philippines and underscores the “need for promoting, enhancing, instilling, and drawing awareness and appreciation of the importance and necessity of policy research” in development planning and policymaking.

The observance of the DPRM is intended to cultivate a strong culture of research and use of data and evidence among the country's national and local decisionmakers in policymaking and program planning. Through the different topics highlighted in every DPRM celebration, this event also aims to raise the public's literacy of important socioeconomic issues.

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