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EU Special Envoy discusses Indo-Pacific strategy with the Philippines


Published: 24 November 2021

The EU Delegation to the Philippines and the European Studies Program of the Ateneo de Manila University, in partnership with the Amador Research Services successfully concluded its webinar titled Navigating the Indo-Pacific: The EU Perspective last November 23, 2021. The webinar featured EU Special Envoy Gabriele Visentin as he sits down with Filipino observers to share insights and trajectories of the EU's engagements with the Indo-Pacific in the years to come.

The webinar was opened by EU Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Luc Véron and was moderated Professor Manuel Enverga III of Ateneo de Manila University.

Ambassador Véron shared that the breadth of the EU's Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific espoused cooperation more than confrontation and that this will shape most of the EU's engagement in the region.

Mr. Visentin shared some of the EU's strategy in the region especially on the priority areas identified by the EU's Indo-Pacific Strategy. He affirmed Ambassador Véron's emphasis that “the EU Strategy is about cooperation, not confrontation”. In addition, Mr. Visentin confirmed that the EU is ready and open to engage in principled cooperation with its partners in the region.

As the webinar was attended by members of the Philippines' security community, interest over the EU's economic and security commitment to the region was widely inquired about. Mr. Visentin likewise provided insights to these. On Connectivity, Mr. Visentin stressed that the EU policy is based on sustainability and rules-based approach and the aim is "building links not dependencies”. Engagements will primarily be financially feasible and are based on concrete business models that will be implemented through a blend of public and private money and engagement of national institutions. On defense and security, the EU wants to deepen and strengthen cooperation in these areas in efforts to uphold international law and maintain the rules-based international order.

Participants in this webinar included government officials, uniformed personnel, the diplomatic and foreign service community, and the academe all over the country. The webinar was likewise attended by Philippine missions abroad.

The webinar was broadcasted live on the Official Facebook page of the EU Delegation to the Philippines and can be viewed through this link:

Screenshots of the event found below.



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