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  • Andrew Alimpuangon

Dr. Erickson shares insights on China's gray zone strategy in the SCS

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Last May 25, 2021, the Foundation for the National Interest, together with the UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, with the support of The Asia Foundation and Amador Research Services, sat down with Dr. Andrew Erickson of the US Naval War College.

The 8th webinar discussed China's gray zone strategy in the South China Sea in light of recent developments in the region, implicating areas such as the Julian Felipe Reef. The webinar explored the finer details that reinforces China's continuing gray zone operations such as the Chinese Maritime Militia, the militarization of civilian industries, and the patterns and strategies employed by said maritime militias.

Open source data on first-hand translations of China's documents are available at Dr. Erickson's website.

The event was attended by individuals from the academe, government, foreign embassies, and the private sector, nationwide.

Screenshots of the webinar found below.


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