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ARS officially launches Philippine Strategic Forum, 16 January

Amador Research Services (ARS) officially launched the Philippine Strategic Forum (PSF) on Saturday, 16 January 2021. The platform serves as an avenue for dialogue on strategic issues facing the Philippines.

Through the PSF, ARS aims to provide a platform for expert analysis and research that is easily accessible to policymakers and stakeholders on strategic issues involving Philippine politics, economics, business, law, security, society, international relation, and foreign affairs. PSF will host essays and op-eds that explore these issues and examine policy options that can contribute to a vigorous debate involving Philippine public policy.

The PSF is spearheaded by consultants Florence Gamboa and Deryk Baladjay as Managing Editor and Assistant Editor respectively and ARS CEO Julio Amador as the platform's chief networker.

For those interested in contributing, the Managing Editor may be reached at:

The PSF website may be accessed by clicking on the logo below.


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