The New Normal of

President Duterte's

Independent Foreign Policy

Julio S. Amador III

Deryk Baladjay

Recommended citations:

APA: Amador, J. S. III and Baladjay, D. (2020). "The New Normal of President Duterte' Independent Foreign Policy." Asia Pacific Bulletin (540)

CMOS: Amador, Julio S. III and Deryk Baladjay. "The New Normal of President Duterte's Independent Foreign Policy." Asia Pacific Bulletin No. 540 (2020).



Julio Amador and Deryk Baladjay, Senior Research Fellow and Research Assistant, respectively, at the Ateneo School of Government in the Philippines, explain that: “The Filipino public is not supportive of the Duterte administration’s approach toward China.” - East-West Center


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Date of Publication: December 16, 2020

About the Authors


Julio S. Amador III

Julio S. Amador III is CEO and Founder of the Amador Research Services. He was a former government official specializing in foreign policy and national security. He lectures in different professional schools and serves as resource person on international issues. He was a Fulbright scholar at Syracuse University where he earned his master’s degree in International Relations and a certificate in security studies. He was also a member of the inaugural cohort of the KAS Network of Young Asian Security Experts. 

Deryk Baladjay

Deryk Baladjay is Senior Associate and Research Coordinator at the Amador Research Services and part-time Research Assistant at the Ateneo School of Government. He is an MA degree holder in International Studies major in Asian Studies from the De La Salle University-Manila. His research and policy interests are in security, conflict and peace studies in and around East and Southeast Asia.